Principal – Patricia Kessler

Patricia has been an educator since 1970, and Principal of Taos Day School since 2000. She holds degrees in Elementary Education, Education Administration, and Theology. She particularly enjoys working with teachers to improve instruction and achievement for the students. She is extremely proud that her school was named the Bureau of Indian Education School of the Year for 2010, and believes the credit belongs to the extremely hard working staff and students of the school. She enjoys reading and internet surfing.

Email: principal[at]taosdayschool[dot]com
Business Technician – Bella Lujan

Bella has worked with Taos Day School for 3 years. She is a graduate from Santa Fe Indian School, Class of 1989. She also earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from New Mexico State University. She enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Email: business[at]taosdayschool[dot]com
School Clerk – Jenny Romero

Jenny has been Clerk at Taos Day School since 1978. If you have questions, Jenny knows the answer!

Email: office[at]taosdayschool[dot]com
Kindergarten Teacher – Alicia Corral

Alicia has taught Kindergarten at Taos Day School since 2000. The children in her class really learn to read and do math!

Email: kindergarten[at]taosdayschool[dot]com
Kindergarten Ed. Tech. – Valerie Suazo

Valerie has worked at Taos Day School both as a Parent Educator in the BabyFACE program (a home-based program for parents of children ages 0-5), and as an Education Technician in Kindergarten. She loves the children and they love her.

Email: kindergarten[at]taosdayschool[dot]com
First Grade Teacher – Martha Oestreich

Martha has worked for the Bureau of Indian Education for many years, as a traveling music teacher, and at Taos Day School as a First Grade teacher. The children that she has taught love her for many years to come.

Email: 1stgrade[at]taosdayschool[dot]com
First Grade Ed. Tech. – Marlee Espinosa

Marlee has worked at Taos Day School both as a Parent Educator in the BabyFACE program (a home-based program for parents of children ages 0-5), and as an Education Technician in several different grade levels.

Email: 1stgrade[at]taosdayschool[dot]com
Second Grade Teacher – Alyssa Martinez

Alyssa is in her second year teaching Second Grade at Taos Day School. She came to our school after taking 11 years off to raise her two daughters. Before children, Alyssa taught for five years at an elementary school in Albuquerque, primarily working with the Gifted and Talented Program. She has a Bachelors of Science in Education and Math, plus certificates in several specialized training programs. To relax, she likes to go camping with her family, scrapbook, or curl up with a good book.

Email: 2ndgrade[at]taosdayschool[dot]com
Second Grade Ed. Tech. – Ashle Florenzano

Ashle has an Education degree with an area of concentration in American Indian Education. She’s a Teacher’s Aide in the Second Grade, and a tutor after school. Ashle has worked with the AfterSchool program since it began in 2003.

Email: 2ndgrade[at]taosdayschool[dot]com
Third Grade Teacher – Nola Miller

Nola has worked in the Bureau of Indian Education since 1993, both as Education Technician, and then as Teacher when she earned her Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education in 2007. She is now the teacher of the Third Grade class.

Email: 3rdgrade[at]taosdayschool[dot]com
Third Grade Tutor – Sonya Bernal

Sonya has worked with the 21st Century program for the past year. She has enjoyed her time with the kids and staff…

Email: 3rdgrade[at]taosdayschool[dot]com
Fourth Grade Teacher – Roman Cisneros

Roman has been teaching at Taos Day School for 2 years. He completed his Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Northern New Mexico College in 2008. He also served in the United States Navy for five years. Through all of his experiences, nothing has been more rewarding than teaching at Taos Day School.

Email: 4thgrade[at]taosdayschool[dot]com
Fourth Grade Teacher – Mary Isaacs

Mary has worked at Taos Day School since 1969 in many capacities – as Kindergarten teacher, PE teacher, and now in the Fourth Grade classroom.

Email: 4thgrade[at]taosdayschool[dot]com
Fifth Grade Teacher – Marie Martinez

Marie has been with the Bureau of Indian Education since 1981. She has taught students in several grade levels, and has been teaching Fifth Grade students for the last five years. She has a Masters degree in Education Administration.

Email: 5thgrade[at]taosdayschool[dot]com
Fifth Grade Ed. Tech. – Lisa Fernandez

Lisa is an Education Technician in the Fifth Grade classroom, and is also a substitute in many other grade levels.

Email: 5thgrade[at]taosdayschool[dot]com
Middle School Language Arts – Dorothy Gusdorf

Dorothy has worked at Taos Day School for 11 years, with a total of 30 years in Education. She has Bachelors Degrees in Education, Music, and Bilingual Education, and a Masters degree in Guidance and Counseling. Her hobbies include reading, skiing, and hiking.

Email: langarts[at]taosdayschool[dot]com
Middle School Social Studies – Randy Marie Thorne

Randy has been teaching at Taos Day School for 25 years. She has a degree in Elementary Education and Drama from New Mexico Highlands University. She has continued her education with postgraduate work in history, science, and math at New Mexico State University, University of New Mexico, and the College of Santa Fe.

Email: socstudies[at]taosdayschool[dot]com
Middle School Science – Claireen Espinoza

Claireen holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from University of New Mexico, and a Master of Education in Science from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. She has been teaching at Taos Day School for 15 years. She enjoys cheering on her daughters at sporting events, and likes working outdoors in the summer. She also enjoys relaxing at home with her family.

Email: science[at]taosdayschool[dot]com
Middle School Math – Marilyn Trujillo

Marilyn has been teaching at Taos Day School since 1982. Her degrees are in Elementary Education with a minor in Math, and an MA in Education Administration. She enjoys working with mid-school-aged students the best. Her hobbies include reading and having fun at the casino; and, she loves to watch CSI, Criminal Minds, Bones, and Numbers.

Email: math[at]taosdayschool[dot]com
Middle School Math – Helena “Tina” Martinez

Tina graduated from Taos High School in 1983. She has been employed at Taos Day School for 18 years. She loves to coach volleyball, girls’ basketball, and teach children Indian dances. She has earned an Associates Degree in General Studies. She is currently working on a Bachelor’s Degree in Education.

Email: math[at]taosdayschool[dot]com
Language and Culture – Rosemarie Lujan

Rosemarie is an Education Technician in the Third Grade classroom, and is also responsible for the Tiwa Language and Culture program at Taos Day School.

Email: culture01[at]taosdayschool[dot]com
Language and Culture – Kathryn Brown

Kathryn started working at Taos Day School in 1991. She received an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Multi-Cultural Education. She started the first Tiwa Language program in the Second Grade class in 1992. She has sponsored the TDS Eagles cheerleading squad, and has also taught Catechism. She is now looking forward to a change, working with parents in the community as a Parent Educator for the BabyFACE program, a home-based program for parents of children, ages 0-5.

Email: culture02[at]taosdayschool[dot]com
Special Ed. – Andy Haimowitz

Andy has been at Taos Day School since 1985, serving as the Special Education Coordinator, Acting Principal, and Bus Driver. Andy has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, and an Education Specialist in Education.

Email: specialed[at]taosdayschool[dot]com
Librarian – Laura Parks-Sierra

Laura has been at Taos Day School since 1993. She has served in several capacities, from classroom teacher to Librarian, to IT. Laura’s background and degrees in Library Science and Information Technology serve her well.

Email: library[at]taosdayschool[dot]com
Reading Coach – Leonila Serna

Leonila Durán Serna, a native of Taos, New Mexico, earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education from New Mexico Highlands University. Her post-graduate studies have taken her to the University of Madrid, the Autonomous University of Guadalajara, the University of Kansas, the University of Texas, and the University of New Mexico.

During her career in education, she has held various positions. She has taught students from kindergarten to the university level. She began her early career in administration as a Ford Foundation Fellow. As the Director of Bilingual Education, she received the Joseph Montoya Award. For seven of the 15 years that she worked as an educational leader, she held the position of Superintendent. Currently she is the Reading Coach and Language Therapist for the Taos Day School.

Durán Serna has been an active member of the National Dyslexia Association, the American Association of School Administrators, the Southwest Educational Development Lab (where she served as Chairman of the Board), and the International Reading Association. She has also served in several local civic organizations.

Email: reading[at]taosdayschool[dot]com
Math Coach – Leroy Martinez

Leroy earned his BA in Spanish and History at the University of New Mexico. He went on to earn his K-8 Teacher certification at UNM and his TESOL certification through the University of Colorado. He has 15 years teaching experience – 3 years at Albuquerque Public Schools and 12 years at Taos Day School. He is currently the Math Coach. Mr. Martinez’s interests include spending time with family, hitting the trails in his Jeep, and traveling.

Email: mathcoach[at]taosdayschool[dot]com
After School

Colleen Durocher – Colleen and the fabulous AfterSchool Staff began the 21st Century Out-of-School Time program in 2003. Colleen has  Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees. Colleen spent her twenties working in Nepal as a Peace Corp volunteer and as a founder and Principal of a nonprofit Montessori school in Pokhara, Nepal.

Joelle Blais – Joelle is a student at the University of New Mexico. She is working towards a degree in Elementary Education. She loves Hoop dancing and fashion design. She is an AfterSchool tutor and P.E. Assistant.

Dolly Concha – Dolly is a PE/Coach/Art and Tutoring teacher at the school since 2003. Her main interests with the children are PE/Coaching and Art. Most of all, she loves doing Art with all grade levels.

Luzita Trujillo – Luzita is a retired educator of 29 years. She has taught from elementary level to college. She has been at TDS since 2005. Currently, she is working with third grade throughout the day, and tutoring fifth grade in the AfterSchool program. She also has a sewing class on Friday afternoons. Her hobbies include reading, sewing, painting, and crocheting.

Mildred Young – Mildred has been at Taos Day School as an Education Tech for approximately since 2005. She is currently working in the MidSchool Language Arts classroom with Mrs. Gusdorf, Tutoring in the AfterSchool program, and is an Instructor for a Tiwa class on Fridays after school. Mildred is a University of New Mexico-Taos graduate with a Bachelor of University Studies degree. She is a fluent speaker of Taos Pueblo’s Tiwa language. Her hobbies include beadwork and sewing.

Maria Romero – Maria is completing her Associate’s Degree in Administration and has been an integral part of the 21st Century Out-of-School Time program since it began in 2003. Maria also manages attendance and other data collection at the school.

Maria Jim – Maria has been working as a Tutor with 21st Century Out-of-School Time program since 2008, and also does P.E. during the day. She plans to attend the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe for the Spring, and get her degree in Studio Arts.

Manual Peter Martinez – Peter works with the 21st Century Out-of-School program at Taos Day School. He coaches co-ed 6th-8th grade basketball and soccer. He attends UNM-Taos and will receive an AA in General Studies in Spring, 2010.

Email: afterschool[at]taosdayschool[dot]com
  • Cook: Teresa King
  • Cafeteria Assistant: Meredith Sandy

Tess and Meredith are noted for their great meals!

Email: cafeteria[at]taosdayschool[dot]com
  • Custodial: Michael Martinez
  • Maintenance: Larry Apodaca
  • Bus Driver: Curtis Sandoval

Larry Apodaca, Curtis Sandoval, Michael Martinez, Adelmo Quintana (not shown), and Bud Mirabal (not shown), work to keep Taos Day School clean and safe. As few people at the school have only one job, Larry drives the bus and is Chief of Maintenance, Adelmo is the IT Technician, and Bud fills in wherever needed. Curtis Sandoval, our bus driver, is also serving on the staff of the Taos Pueblo War Chief for 2011.

Email: operations[at]taosdayschool[dot]com